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Effluent Pumps

tsurumi effluent pumps PSF Series … lightweight, high head, corrosion
resistant pump

The PSF-series is one of the Tsurumi VANCS-series. Being made of stainless steel and special resin, the pump is not only lightweight but corrosion-resistant as well. The built-in closed impeller generates the highest head in VANCS series.
• Discharge bore 40 - 50mm
• Side discharge
• Closed impeller
• Single & three phase
• 2 pole motors, 0.25 - 1.5kW
View PSF series spec sheet
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tsurumi effluent pumps SF Series … compact effluent pump
The SF-series is a cast iron, compact, effluent pump with a semi-open impeller. It is designed for high-head pumping and de-foaming at wastewater treatment plants.
• Discharge bore 50 - 80mm
• Side discharge
• Semi open type impeller
• Three phase
• 2 pole motors, 0.75 - 11kW
View SF series spec sheet
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