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Aeration/Mixing Equipment

tsurumi aeration mixing equipment TRN Series … self aspirating aerator
The TRN-series is a self-aspirating, submersible aerator. A built-in special semi-open impeller draws in air which is mixed with the liquid and discharged at a high pressure. This innovative design leads to highly efficient aeration.
• Discharge bore 32 - 150mm
• Three phase
• 2-4 pole motors, 0.75 - 40kW
• Semi open type impeller
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tsurumi aeration mixing equipment TAR Series …. aerator
The TAR-series is a submersible aerator with an axial-flow impeller. The air supplied by a blower is broken into fine bubbles and is mixed with the liquid. An extremely high oxygen transfer rate is achieved using less energy.
• Discharge bore 65 - 250mm
• Three phase
• 4 pole motors, 1.5 - 30kW
• Axial flow impeller
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tsurumi aeration mixing equipment BER Series … ejector
The BER-series is a submersible ejector comprising a B-series sewage pump and a venturi-jet pump. It draws in air by means of its self-aspirating mechanism and discharges the mixture of air and water through the diffuser. The powerful single jet current gives unrivalled vertical convection stirring.
• Discharge bore 25 - 50mm
• Three phase
• 2-4 pole motors, 0.75 - 5.5kW
• Channel impeller
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tsurumi aeration mixing equipment RS Series … rotary air blower
The RS-series is a rotary air blower with a three-blade rotor. A highly well-balanced rotor and innovative helical outlet port minimizes violent impact and pulsation noise. It is applicable to a wide variety of applications.
• Discharge bore 20 - 150mm
• Single & three phase
• 4 pole motors, 0.4 - 45kW
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