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Safety Awareness Courses for High Pressure Equipment

Train & certify your staff in the safe use of Aussie hydro-blasters to 500 BAR (7,300 psi).

Australian Pump designed the course to improve operator safety awareness and it teaches how to operate and maintain high pressure water blasting equipment safely and efficiently.

The course objective is to provide a detailed knowledge of all hazards associated with high pressure water blasting. It covers the principles of design of water blasting equipment, the need for planned routine maintenance and regular inspection of equipment. Australian Pump stress the need for operators to understand the potential hazards of incorrect assemble of high pressure accessories, particularly hoses, guns, lances and nozzles.

The emphasis of the course is on safety, teaching trainees about the use of personal protective clothing and equipment. It also provides an understanding of the nature of water blasting injuries and the action taken in the event of an accident.

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