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Aussie Blaster Service Fundamentals

Service fundamentals training course for high pressure triplex pumps & Aussie blasters. Maintain your Aussie blaster for peak performance and efficiency, and cut maintenance costs.

Using Bertolini pumps as the standard, the training course highlights the function, design and application of high pressure pumps, unloaders, safety valves and the general principles of how the system works.

Training covers the key causes of machine failure with particular emphasis on both contamination and cavitation. It also teaches the basics of pump repair including replacement of valves, seals and pistons.

"We set out to train our own dealers first then found out that end users wanted to have their operators and maintenance staff trained as well" said Aussie Pumps' trainer Nigel Irvine. "Better understanding the triplex pump system, and the basic hydraulic circuitry involved in the high pressure water blaster, reduces operator error and consequently maintenance costs as well" he said.

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