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High Pressure Accessories

high pressure accessories
Guns, lances, Wands & turbos
Check out the huge range of guns, lances and turbos available. Boost the effectiveness of your high pressure cleaner with an Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance. Save time and build profit into your jobs.

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High Pressure Fittings and Attachments
high pressure accessories

High Pressure Nozzles
Worn nozzles cause loss of pressure and can lead to machine failure. Nozzles should be changed on a regular basis.
Couplings, Reducers & Swivels
Full range to connect accessories to machines.
Unloaders, Safety Valves and Thermal Dumps
Protection from pressure spikes and excessive by-pass running.
Brushers and Foamers
Make cleaning easier
Protection from silt in the water supply
Electric Motors and many other useful accessories to fit to high pressure machines.

high pressure accessories
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high pressure accessories
Hose reels, kits and hose
Hose reels make jobs safer, the hose more manageable and extend hose life.

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high pressure accessories
Aussie Spinner
High pressure flat surface cleaners save labour, water and time, leaving a streak free finish. Suitable for use with machines up to 4,000 psi.

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high pressure accessories
Bertolini Accessories
Unloaders and gear boxes specifically designed to integrate with Bertolini pumps.

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