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aussie ultra lites Aussie Ultralites
Lightweight 1” and 1½” pumps designed to be portable & effective. Flows to 200 lpm & maximum heads of up to 60 metres. They use lightweight, high speed, top quality Japanese engines to provide exceptional efficiency right through the performance range.
• Water transfer
• Diesel fuel transfer
• Mop up / fire fighting pumps
• Irrigation
• Spraying
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fire fighting pumps

Aussie Fire Fighting Pumps

Aussie fire fighting pumps are regarded as the world’s finest lightweight portable high pressure pumps. Designed to outperform and out-feature all other portable fire fighting pumps, the Aussie Fire Chief is the flagship of the Aussie range. This range of 2” and 3” fire fighting pumps has flows to 510 lpm and heads to 98 metres.
• Fire fighting pumps, mop up
  & fire protection
• High pressure water transfer
• Spray irrigation
• Diesel fuel transfer
• High pressure spraying
• Boom spraying
• Wash down
View petrol drive spec sheet (pdf - 289KB)
View diesel drive spec sheet (pdf - 261KB)
transfer pumps Aussie Transfer Pumps
Aussie gushers (transfer pumps) are available in a range of sizes from 1½” to 6" inlet/outlet. Designed to be ultra reliable, these pumps have applications in the transfer of high volumes of liquid at relatively low pressures. Flows of up to 2900 lpm, (QP601) with heads of up to 33 metres.
• High volume water transfer
• Fast fill tanker applications
• Flood irrigation
• Construction site dewatering
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View diesel drive spec sheet (pdf - 279KB)
high pressure transfer pumps Aussie High Pressure Transfer Pumps
3” and 4” pumps with high pressure, high flow characteristics. Pumps offer flows of up to 1,500 lpm & heads of up to 70 metres. Computer generated hydraulic design delivers superb fuel efficient performance through big single closed style impellers capable of handling small solids in suspension.
• Fire fighting pumps including village
• Fast fill tanker applications
• High pressure water transfer
• Wash and flush stock crate cleanout
• Tanker batter spray
• Construction site dust suppression
View petrol drive spec sheet (pdf - 163KB)
View diesel drive spec sheet (pdf - 181KB)
trash pumps Aussie Trash Pumps
Rugged trash pumps in 2”, 3” and 4” with flows to 1800 lpm, heads to 27 metres and suction lift to 7.6 metres. Pumps feature a big front mounted cleanout port and high SG, cast iron, non clog style, open impeller and volute system designed to pump solids in suspension and resist wear.
• Construction site dewatering
• Waste water handling
• Effluent pump out
• Livestock waste water disposal
• Solid laden mine waste pump out
View petrol drive spec sheet (pdf - 276KB)
View diesel drive spec sheet (pdf - 211KB)
mq6 Aussie MQ 6" Skid Mounted Trash Pump
Engineered to meet the requirements of professional contractors, rugged and dependable, these diesel powered trash pumps are ideal for de-watering applications with high solid content.

Huge 4,150 lpm flow with a maximum head of 30 metres or 43 psi. Self priming from 7.6 metres
• De-watering of construction sites
• Tailing dam pump out
• Public works duties
• Slurry pumping
• Flood mitigation
• Mine/dewatering operations
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6 inch trash pump Aussie MQ 6” Trash Pump
This rugged diesel powered 6” trailer mounted trash pump is loaded with features. Huge 6000 litres per minute flow with 6 inch suction and discharge ports, highest head in it’s class of 46 metres and a maximum pressure of 64.9 psi. Capable of self priming from 7.6m, it is powered by a reliable 60HP Deutz air cooled, four cylinder diesel engine with electric start.
• De-watering
• Tailing dam pump out
• Public works
• Slurry pumping
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Auto Prime Pumps NEW: Aussie AP (Auto-Prime) Pump
Reliable auto-prime pumps that completely dry-prime ... i.e. start the engine and the pump will prime itself.

The 'snore' function, the ability to run dry, allows users to 'set and forget' the pump. When the water level rises the pump will re-prime automatically.

The AP pump range offer exceptional efficiencies and excellent solids handling capability. Their simple design and robust materials make them easy to maintain and reduces the cost of ownership.
• De-watering and pump out applications
  where fluctuating levels mean the pump
  may be required to run dry.
View spec sheet (pdf - 1.83MB)
Aussie Fire Ranger NEW: Aussie Fire Ranger
Aussie Fire Rangers are self-contained firefighting kits with tanks from 400 litres right through to 2500 litres. Easy to load onto a ute, they are ideal as a mobile unit for fast response to douse spot fires.
• Mobile firefighting
• Dousing spot fires
• Standby fire protection
• Spraying and wetting
View spec sheet (pdf - 774KB)
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