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Refuelling at Sea

Australian Pump proudly represents Global Incorporated, the world's leading supplier of MILSPEC RAS systems. Global manufacture a complete range of reinforced receiver hoses and fittings. The product line includes flanges, messengers and probes manufactured to US MILSPEC requirements.

The Global receiver hose system is built around a revolutionary clamp concept that enables hoses to be renewed using a simple mechanically operated swaging device. This saves waste, cuts costs and provides a positive match between hose fittings.

The product range includes

• Refuelling probes, single and double
• Refuelling receivers, single and double
• Adaptors, aluminium, male and female,
• Couplings, male and female 2½” through to 7” per MIL-C 24356
• Clamps, split 2½” through to 7” per MIL-C 24356
• Hose assemblies 2½” through to 7” per MIL-H 22240 for refuelling
  and discharge
• Hose assemblies reinforced receiver 7”
• Caps and plugs, hose, 2½” through to 7”
• Reducers 2½” through to 8”
• Fittings, riding line, 2½” through to 7”
• Saddles, 2½” through to 7” types A and B

Global is quality assured and recently won Small DOD Prime Contractor of the Year, awarded by DCMA Pittsburgh.

Global SFC, is also a manufacturer of the 141 valve in a wide range of materials from carbon steel, stainless steel and monel.
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defence support

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