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Envelop Protective Covers

…cut corrosion, cut costs

The application of Envelop covers effectively cuts corrosion by up to 90%, dramatically improving equipment readiness and reducing down time. This unique high tech approach to asset protection has now been adopted on both Anzac and FFG class vessels.

Designed in conjunction with the Military to protect weapons, electrical components, optics, and exposed equipment in the harshest environments. The soft, flexible Envelop covers wick away moisture from the surface of protected equipment reducing corrosion and the associated maintenance costs.

Envelop covers are available for a wide range of equipment found on LPA support ships , Armidale, Minehunter and other “Afloat” class vessels. Envelop Covers are used to protect top side equipment from weapons systems, torpedo tubes and grenade launchers through to RHIB consoles and fuel receivers. Key assets are protected from salt water, UV rays, heat and dust, keeping them operational for longer.

Envelop covers are also available for ground force equipment including M777 Howitzer, remote weapon systems, HIMARS launchers, M109 Paladins, Patriot missile containers and new expeditionary fire support system mortars.

Aviation applications for Envelop covers include windscreens protection, weapon systems, rotors and optical/targeting equipment.

Envelop covers can also be custom made for other equipment
that requires protection, contact Australian Pump with the

Link to the Envelop website

Further information on Envelop covers including cost analysis and case studies

For an online demo of Envelop protective covers as used by the Australian Navy on ANZAC class vessels .... Click here

For further information on Envelop protective covers for land based assets .... Click here

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