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Fluid System Support

Australian Pump proudly supports the world's major manufacturers of MilSpec pumps, valves and actuators. Our staff are trained to install, troubleshoot, repair and test pumps for virtually all ship functions including firemain, RO (reverse osmosis), sewage, laundry, ballast and even salvage.

Our valve systems are used in fluid and pneumatic circuits, high and low pressure, in a wide range of applications including firemain, underwater valves, fuel systems, air conditioning, potable water and many other systems.

Our actuated self cleaning valves have revolutionised sea water circuits, upgrading reliability and functionality. Maintenance costs and down-times are significantly reduced by the application of unique NuTorque MilSpec actuators. These flexible, integrated valve/controller/actuator groups allow ship's staff precise control of key ship functions.

Our expertise includes the repair, overhaul and maintenance of both pump and valve systems. Australian Pump is the authorised service stations for Davidson pumps, We also run a fully equipped NuTorque actuator service centre to support Royal Australian Navy vessels.

We supply product support for the following manufacturers...
  • Allweiler Pumps
  • Amot Values
  • Barnes Pumps
  • Buff alo Pumps
  • Carver Pumps
  • Colfax Pumps
  • Consolidated Controls
  • Crane Pumps
  • Cunico Valve
  • Curtiss Wright
  • Danco Valve
  • Davidson Pump
  • Haigh Waste Disposal Equipment
  • Hays Fluid Controls
  • IMO Pump
  • Megator Pump
  • Metrex Valve
  • Milwaukee Valve
  • Nu Torque Actuator
  • Portland Valve
  • Sterer Valve
  • Trac Valve
  • Vanessa Valves
  • Werner Rathman Valve
  • Worthington Simpson
defence support fluid system

defence support fluid system

defence support fluid system defence support fluid system defence support fluid system

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