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Aussie Pumps' General Terms of Sale

GENERAL:   Aussie Pump’s general terms of sale represent a statement of contracts to supply equipment between Australian Pump Industries Pty Ltd and its customers.


Special Construction Products

Goods Returned Policy

Incorrectly Supplied, Missing or Damaged Goods


N.B.  All prices are ex works Castle Hill warehouse.  If purchaser chooses to use our carrier insurance is purchaser’s responsibility.

DEMONSTRATION/FIELD DAY STOCK - In the event that goods are loaned to a customer for demonstration or display, the customer is responsible for return of the goods in A1 BRAND NEW CONDITION.  Any parts, labour or packaging required to put the loaned items back into brand new condition will be charged to the customer at normal rates.  N.B. The customer is deemed to be the person / customer to which Australian Pump Industries loans the goods.

Note: These terms and conditions do not dilute your rights and obligations under the Trade Practices Act and relevant Sales of Goods Legislation.


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